How to protect your carpet and floor when moving

Protecting your floors and carpets, especially during a move is very essential. Whether it’s time to move out of that old apartment or maybe you have sold out the property to a new owner, I know you will want to avoid some repair costs during move out. This usually happens in the fall, winter, or spring, when there is a tendency for rain, mud or snow.

If you are hiring the service of a professional moving company, ensure that the company takes the necessary precautions. The moving company should be skilled at keeping carpets and floors in good condition, as well as be able to explain in advance the methods and protective materials to use.

Below are a few tips on How to protect your carpet and floor

  • Place a door mat both on the inside and outside of the doors to catch debris during the move.
  • For hardwood floors, use heavy duty paper taped down very well over the high traffic areas. You can as well add more protection by placing rug runners over the paper. Get rug runners that have non-skid material at the base.
  • For carpets, use a carpet mask because the surface is not slippery, it is self-adhesive and provides good protection.
  • The strongest and best protection for your floors or carpets when moving your heavy furniture is using plywood. It’s a temporary protection given to the floor surface so the moving job can be done without any scratches to the main floor. However, don’t use plywood as a slider; it may create scratches, or dents.
  • For an additional protection, use dollies with rubber wheels in replacement of metal wheels.
  • Using socks on the legs of tables and chairs is okay. If at all something gets dragged on the floor or carpet, it won’t have any effect on it.
  • Use furniture sliders; they are a good option, many moving companies use them. Furniture sliders are in a variety of sizes; they are useful for tables, chairs, desks, dressers, armoires, and other heavy items.

Following the aforementioned tips, protecting your floors and carpets during a move will be as easy as anything else; and you’d be able to save yourself, your floors and carpets as well as your wallet while preparing for the move