Washington DC Moving Companies

If you are in the Washington DC area, there are many types of moving companies to choose from. The choices include; residential moving services, commercial moving services, interstate moving services, student storage services and furniture moving services. With all the moving companies in Washington DC, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Many of the moving companies in Washington DC offer competitive priced moving services along with great customer service.


Many moving companies in Washington DC are very knowledge about the subject of moving, they are able to move many items within hours and are used to the idea of moving up and down stairs, due to the variety of locales in Washington DC.


Furniture Moving Services are perfect for anyone looking to move their furniture to another locale. These companies focus solely on moving furniture and other belongings from one location to another. They move household goods as well.


If you are looking for residential and commercial moving services, many of them offer packing services along with movers that will load, transport and unload all of your items; and they will do this all with care and vigilance. Along with those features offered from residential and commercial movers, many companies will offer to disassemble and reassemble furniture, along with other items, without you having to lift a single finger.


Student storage companies in Washington DC pride themselves on being a place students can put their items away for the summer, spring and other breaks. They usually have very short term and overnight storage offered as well, in their list of services. The storage areas are temperature controlled and safe. Student storage companies offer a trustworthy and secure storage facility that caters to the likes of students in the Washington DC area. The student storage companies are almost always licensed and insured.