Ways to Make an Office Move Less Stressful

posted on September 23rd 2017 in Office Moving with 0 Comments

Organizing an office move is very stressful; that’s just the point. During the move, it’s very likely you’d need to take care of some multiple components like trying to cope with deadlines, being tempted at some points to spend far above the budgeted amount for the move, so on. ‘Stress’ is another name for office relocation because it’s not something that could be completed within a short time frame. This piece will help you with some easy steps to make your office move simpler, less stressful and as well lower your stress level. Here we go!

I know the first thing that comes to your mind is to start early. Isn’t it? But this depends on the size of your office move. Starting ‘early’ could vary, the best time to start your move is between one to two years ahead of the move date; that’s just the most ideal time to start planning for the move. This will give you sufficient time to handle any unplanned occurrence during the office move. The office move will become simpler and more convenient for you if you can get little tasks out of the way first like acquiring new equipment. So when it’s time for the real move, you’d have time to concentrate on the move itself.

Now that you have enough time to plan the move, what you should do next is to assess your deficiencies, that’s, the reason your business failed in your previous location. Look for ways to improve your business in the future; perhaps you could make your layout more efficient. You may think of how to boost employees’ productivity by creating a more collaborative work space or find a location closer to your target market. Whatever the deficiencies are, your office move should be aimed at correcting them when you arrive at your new location. The deficiencies could be corrected in any of the following ways; through location, design, technology upgrades, work practice enhancement, etc. Think of your office move as an opportunity to revive your business.

Thirdly, don’t even attempt to handle the move all alone. Set up a move committee within your business and delegate tasks to one another. Also, you need experts on the committee to help carry out the needed tasks. Experts you’d need might include a space planner, an office furniture provider, an architect, IT relocation team, and more. During the move, you are certainly going to cover various aspects ranging from business cards to servers; so try to connect these phases into a general vision. Don’t just think, be prudent as well. An expert might be good in two or more aspects. For instance, some furniture dealers can also handle space planning and design. And if you think you do not want to bundle your services, make sure the various vendors communicate with one another, so that there won’t be any aspect left untouched.

In conclusion, your office move will be very easy throughout the process if  you communicate with your members of staff regularly. When they are updated with progress reports and  pictures during the move, they will feel involved, and as such, they will be reassured of getting a good working environment in the new office.  After all, the last thing you’d expect from your employees is not performing as expected