Tips That Will Help Protect Your Belongings When Moving

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Research The Moving Company

There are moving companies available that can be very shady. With cases of theft, damaged items and the occasional price gouging (keeping your items after everything is packed and moved and requesting for a larger payout). You can check through the internet for additional information on what to look out for and also how to pick a moving company.

Purchase Full Value Replacement Insurance

It is imperative that you get your own insurance regardless of any guarantee you get from the moving company about making full replacements of any damages caused. In the event that anything gets broken you will be glad you got an insurance.

Take Inventory of Your Items

Prior to moving, take an inventory of your belongings by means of pictures and writing a detailed description of the items including their make and model. Make sure the list is added to your bill of lading or inventory. Alternatively, you can have your movers sign a copy of it; while you keep a physical copy with you at the time of your moving.

Use Manufacturer Shipping Boxes

The original box, in which your items came in can be very useful when moving, as they offer a moving box initially intended for such item. Also, they have Styrofoam that keeps the items well protected and also saves you shipping cost.


Monitor The Movers

Monitor the activities of the movers as they are sometimes in a haste to finish the work and get out of your house as quickly as possible. Ensure they are doing an excellent work as well as taking good care of your stuff. Be sure to politely correct them, if otherwise.

Prevent Your Items From Being Stolen

The moment your items are being moved, you are no longer aware of what is happening to them, and some movers will help themselves to your properties. This is quite easily achievable too, as they are aware of the contents of each box, hence the valuables. To prevent the movers from accessing your boxes while you are moving, take a marker and write across the tape used in securing the box. So if anyone tampers with your box, you are aware of it immediately.

Personally Move Your Most Valuable Items

The most valuable things you own are those that are irreplaceable. You would not want any mover to have in their possession your bank records, your computer with all your personal information, family photos, jewelry or any other items that are of importance and personal value which is not replaceable. Although this may have its limitation when it comes to large properties such as antique furniture; but anything outside these should be moved by yourself.