Tips for moving into an apartment located on a high rise building

posted on October 9th 2017 in Local DC Moves & long distance mоvіng companies with 0 Comments

Moving can be quite difficult. Moving into a high rise building is even more difficult as things could become a little bit tricky. The entire process of moving involves planning, organizing, packing, moving and storage. Irrespective of the kind of high rise building you are moving into, make up your mind to face some challenges as you move in.

Most high rise buildings if not all have limited room. The means of access is also limited. They also have very serious rules and policies to be obeyed by tenants. These rules vary from one building to another. One of such is that tenants need to make reservations before the day they are moving. Failure to do so could attract a fee and cause a delay in moving.

The following are a few tips to take note of if you are moving into a high-rise building:

The lesser your belongings, the better

You probably have some paper boxes from college that you have never used before. They will be useful if you plan to relocate to a high rise building. The hustle and bustle of moving into a high rise building can be very exhausting as you would need to make several trips up and down an elevator or stairs as the case may be. This in turn means that each moving and storage box will result in additional cost and time in your movement. Before you start moving, check everything you’ve packed up very well. Take out any item that is unnecessary. You could donate, sell or throw away any item that is no longer in use. The fewer items you take, the better for you.

Reserve a luggage cart for yourself

A lot of high-rise buildings have luggage carts that tenants that are moving in can use. They will not offer these carts to you unless you ask. You can speak to the manager of the building one or two days before you move to keep a cart for you. A luggage cart would make moving not only easy, but also very fast.

Reserve an elevator

You should check how many elevators the building you are moving into has. You should also find out if they are available for those moving in. In some buildings, the back elevators are used for those moving in. You will however need the permission of the manager to use them. This is because back elevators are only used during certain hours. You need to check all these things and make reservations before the day you move.

Get Assistance

Get as many friends and family as possible to help you with moving. The more people you get, the better for you. This is because moving into high rise buildings takes a longer time compared with moving into a normal building. You would also need to minimize the cost of moving, this is why you should get all the help you can get.

Hire a moving company as well as a storage company

Hiring a moving and storage company is very important. Do not neglect this at all. They will save you from a lot of catastrophes that come with moving as they provide all the manpower and equipment needed to ensure a successful move.