Tips for making sure you get your security deposit after you move

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Tips for making sure you get your security deposit after you move

Most people feel that getting back their security deposits from their landlords after they move isn’t an easy task, but it’s as simple as the English alphabet. Remember, that security deposit is your money, so you should do all that’s within your capability, and be optimistic as well to get it back as you prepare to move. It is the landlord’s duty to return your security deposit at the end/expiration of the lease.

Below are a few tips for making sure your security deposit gets back to you as you prepare to move out of your old apartment.


Planning and taking precautions the very day you move in

Taking necessary precautions the very first day you move into the apartment is very advantageous, as this will help you save more money and time when you are about to move out. Experts usually advise  that you use removable poster putty and temporary hooks so as to avoid being charged for putting holes in the wall later.

Be organized

I’m sure you still remember all of those rental documents you got from your landlord when you moved into the property? Good! Read them over and over again and keep all of them in one place. Know the proper procedures to end your rental agreement, and abide by the rules.


Ensure everything is documented

It’s quite unfortunate that wear and tear might set in. Ensure everything is documented and photographed, because it will serve as proof of the property’s condition. Photo documentation is good, but sometimes isn’t enough. Take a video footage of the unit when you first moved in, do same again when you are about moving out.

If your landlord or the property manager attempts to keep your security deposit, the video footage will serve as proof that the property was kept in a good condition; it makes it very difficult for the property manager to argue with you. It will help you save more dollars.

Also, try to keep records of each time you visited/mailed your landlord/property manager to report maintenance issues. Document all maintenance requests and confirmations via email; this serves as a better proof for your recordkeeping than even a phone call.


Let your landlord know your move-out date

Confirm with your landlord how far in advance you need to let him know about your move-out date; this might be stated already in the rental agreement, a quick notice telling him of your move can serve as both a confirmation and a courtesy to your property manager.


Do a deep clean

In addition to the standard vacuuming and dusting, plan to do a thorough cleaning if you want all of your security deposit back. Clean all appliances including light switches, door frames, and the rest. And don’t forget to confirm whether If your rental property requires a professional cleaning, do so and keep your service receipt for your property manager as proof.


Same day move out as your roommates

This might sound funny, but it sometimes works! Planning a move-out day with your roommates is another good way you can easily get back your security deposit.

If your roommates move out before you, they might leave some junks behind for you to clean up, which, of course, might be much for you to do alone. So make it a team effort to clean the premises and get your full security deposit from your landlord.