Things Customers Complain About During Any Move

posted on November 1st 2017 in Local DC Moves & long distance mоvіng companies with 0 Comments

Getting great reviews is integral to any moving company, as this is a testament to their efficient and effective services. However, due to the level of competence of the various moving companies, not every move goes perfectly; customer dissatisfaction with their movers occurs occasionally; and listed below are a few of the complaints

Showing Up Late

Showing up a few minutes late may seem like no big deal to the moving company, as they can get the job done at their convenience. However, a client may become worried about the moving company coming late, especially, if the client does not know the cause of the delay. All of these play into the mind of the customers who will at every point of time during the eventual move be seeking ways in which the move is going to go wrong. And this makes for a tougher day. Although not all clients will give much fuss about coming a few minutes late, and for some clients, that’s just the beginning of a falling out process. This makes it easier for them to start complaining about other things during the move.

Underestimating The Job

It is very crucial for the moving company to fully grasp the full scope of the work to be carried out; which brings in the importance of adequate communication. Although it is quite simple getting an estimate of the job over the phone; it becomes complicated when the order is made online. It makes sizing the job and determining the circumstances of the move more difficult. Customers don’t usually appreciate it when what was originally estimated to take a few hours ends up taking all day.

Not Having The adequate/Correct Equipment

Not coming with the appropriate equipment can be a result of not thoroughly going through the details of the move with the customer prior to the moving day. Although forgetting to bring along some piece of equipment or not enough tools may cause your work to be more stressful and a bit harder; you still get the work done. Where it gets challenging is when you don’t have the tools to do the majority of the moving which may cause you to delay work for that day.

Damaged And/or Lost Items

This is a big issue for customers. A moving company should be capable of handling each move with care, ensuring every of the client’s belongings is properly transferred to the new home in the same condition as before it was moved.

Damage To The client’s Home

This is irrespective of whether it’s the home being moved out from or that being relocated into; customers don’t want to be bothered with the stress of dealing with a scratched hardwood or a hole in the wall. For example, if the damage was done in the place the client is moving out, they’d need to deal with the issue from a distant location which is an added stress. And if otherwise, they’d say to themselves, “look what you have done to our new home”

Knowledge of Insurance

An experienced and professional moving company should be willing to explain the details and coverage of the insurance coverage to its client. Thus, it’s crucial you hire the services of a mover that can provide this to its customers.

Extra Charges/Higher Final Cost

Charging by the hour shouldn’t require any extra cost on the bill. Additional charges that raise the final cost of the move after an agreed price cause customers to become unsatisfied.