How To Temporarily Relocate For Your Job

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If you have been offered a temporary assignment in another state or even country; it might offer an interesting experience as well as a change of environment. A lot of people would prefer a temporal work move as to a permanent one, that’s according to a 2010 conducted Gallup poll. You are given the opportunity to explore a different place and the security to return home if desired.


Packing For Your Temporary Move

Concluding on what to take along with you for a temporary move can be tricky, and will be dependent on the time period of your stay and several other factors. When deciding on what to take along; consider these:

Are your temporary accommodation furnished? The majority of short-term housing is already furnished, therefore, you can leave your couch and bed behind. The home may likely provide things like bedding and cookware. Find out exactly what is included in the housing provisions so you know what you need.

Will you experience a difference in season? If you will be staying a month or two, you won’t have to pack your entire wardrobe. However, for a longer stay, you may be obliged to carry along both lightweight summer attire and warm winter clothing. The climate of your new home will also factor into this decision; if the temperature stays the same all year long, then you can make do with less varied clothing.

Will you be returning to your old home? Are you planning on going back to your home after your assignments concludes? If not, everything must go; but not necessarily with you. You may require temporary storage for your furniture and excess belongings until you make plans for your future permanent accommodation. You can either hire a storage service from your moving company or get a separate facility to stow your possessions. When talking in terms of your relocation package, make sure to check if you are eligible for compensation of storage expenses

If you are thinking of temporarily relocating for your job, there are a number of determining factors to be considered: Will your employer pay for the move? What should you pack? Will you return to your previous home after your work is done?

Discuss RELO package with your employer

If you are because of work, you should be offered some kind of compensation by your employer in what is referred to as a “RELO package”. This may cover expenses for moving your belongings, traveling and temporary housing in your new location. Your compensation may vary depending your job, position, and seniority with the company. Before accepting a RELO offer, it is imperative to do your research, know what is needed to accept the assignment, and understand completely the details of the agreement you make with your employer.

Change Your Driver’s License

Depending on the period of stay, and the state; you may need to have a new driver’s license done. Most states have a window of about 30 to 90 days to obtain a new license or registration. The laws in each state varies, as well as the requirement and associated fees. Unless in the military, it is possible you will have to apply for a driver’s license in your new state, even as the move is temporary. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle, Department of Transportation, or the appropriate institution that issues driver’s license and vehicular registration in your new location for additional information

Handle Your Mail

As you don’t want to miss any important mail while you’re away, thus your options include:


  • Changing your address


You can easily change your address with a form from the post office or a few clicks online. Your address can be changed for a move as quickly as 15 days. Your mail will be forwarded to your temporary address until you return to your old home.


  • General delivery


Will you be moving frequently from place to place? General delivery allows you to pick up your mail at the post office in a designated town at your convenience. Mail will be held for retrieval for up to 30 days.


  • Getting a PO Box


Keep your mail secure with a PO Box. This is always convenient if you will be moving occasionally and would like access to your mail whenever you want; a lot of locations offer 24-hour access

Find Temporary Housing

Whether your employer is handling the cost t or you will be responsible for your own housing expenses, you must find a home that allows temporary residency. Short-term housing apartments, condos, or single-family homes are usually fully-furnished, and charge by night, week, or month. Some may have a minimum stay (such as 30 days). Rates are typically ;lower when paying for a month rather than a daily basis. Ensure you discuss the possibility of a housing compensation with your employer when discussing the terms of your RELO package.