The Smart Student To Moving Into The Dorms

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For most students, moving into a college dormitory room will mark the first time they’ve ever been away from family and old friends for the long term. It’s therefore important to make the dorm room surroundings familiar, cozy, and organized. This way they have a place to retreat to when school stress wears them out. However, resist the temptation to pack anything, and everything you own into a U-Haul. This will only make moving out at the end of the semester a nightmare.

Follow The Move-In Instructions

Almost all colleges and universities provide students with move-in information prior to their arrival. Read these instructions very carefully to make sure you understand where to park, the time the doors open, and where and how to check in.

Only Pack The Essentials.

Leaving home can be difficult. It’s understandable to want to bring as much of it with you as you can, but it’s not practical. Remember dorms usually provide basic furniture like beds, desks, and wardrobes. Make a list of what you’ll need within your first two weeks, like bedding, toiletries, casual and dressy shoes two weeks’ worth of outfits (including lounge wear, athletic clothes, and something formal just in case), laundry essentials, kitchen utensils, and a basic tool kit.

Coordinate With Your Roommate

Does your new roommate have a cool, smart TV and a mini fridge they’ve offered to share? Then you  don’t need to bring your own! Save the precious car space and the energy needed to carry them up and down the stairs.

Ship What You Can

Ask if you’ll be able to receive packages on move-in day. If possible, ship big and heavy items ahead of your arrival such as mattress pads, pillows and blankets, etc.

Buy It Online

If there are things you won’t be needing right away, but would be essential eventually; consider if it’s possible to buy them online and have them delivered to you at your convenience Maybe by the time you’re done moving in you will have a rethink and save yourself the trouble of having to move it out again.

Use Storage Bins

Buy organizers and storage bins before time and pack all your items inside them. This way every item you bring with you will have a home, keeping your dorm clutter-free throughout the semester. Also, it’s much easier carrying item in a storage bag with handles and a lid than using a garbage bag or a laundry basket.

Bring Some Mementos From Home

And by mementos, we mean a but a few pictures of parents, siblings, family pets, and other loved ones to put on the walls so as make your new space more welcoming. If you have a comfort object, for instance a childhood stuffed animal or blanket that makes sleeping easier, don’t be ashamed; your roommate probably has it too.

If you need more insight about moving into a college dormitory, or require help on moving day; be free to contact us.