How To Select The Best Storage Unit

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Getting a trustworthy storage unit is just like getting a trustful landlord, only you need to deal with the storage company just once or twice when you register and move in. After which you may not have to deal with them. You pay your rent, visit the unit when necessary and that’s all. Although there are a few things you should take note of, so as to ensure your relationship with the storage company runs smoothly.

There are lots of reasons people need a storage unit, from moving to downsizing a business or home, or storage of business equipment, etc. Every storage need is unique, therefore, research and ask questions when needed before selecting a storage facility. You have to make sure the facility meets your needs.

Important Factors for Selecting the best  Storage Facility/unit

What do you keep in a storage unit?

Storage facility has different size range, with the smallest being 5×5 up to 10×30 to much larger sizes. Selecting the best unit is dependent on the things you are looking to store. For instance, if you are storing things from your apartment, you will require a large storage unit, but if its only business files a closet-size storage unit will suffice. For a business storage, you may require climate controlled units rather than conventional storage unit.

Storage requirement may be relative to business types. While some businesses may store equipment and tools, offices can store files and documents. Electronic or paper documents must be stored in a climate controlled unit, so should family heirlooms, artwork, photographs, collectibles and some delicate furniture should be stored in a climate controlled unit.


The rules of real estate are also applicable to storage facilities like any other business. Facility located in the center of the city will likely cost more than one situated outside of town, where space is a less of a luxury. It is possible to cut costs by choosing a facility that is located just outside town as long as you won’t be needing regular access to your belongings. Another important tip for selecting a storage unit is also factoring how many times you will be visiting the facility.

The best self storage units are well-lit, gated and have a computer keypad access. Security is important for storage unit as you want to feel confident that your belongings are safe when you visit the facility.

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