Moving Scams To Avoid

To ensure your moving process is as simple as possible, listed below is a few moving scams that have been attempted by shady companies that you should be wary of. Make sure to read so as to prepare you in identifying any strange encounter as you move to a new location.

Large Deposit

If the moving company you are looking to hire is demanding for a large cash deposit up front, you should be alarmed. You will be giving them your money and control of your belongings. Majority f reputable moving companies will request for the balance upon receipt rather than a deposit. However, if you are paying a deposit, ensure you do it over credit card payment; this will give you leverage should the company attempt to extort you at any point.

Underestimating on specifics then asking for more money

Moving companies typically come to your premises to examine your properties, if this doesn’t happen, there is a reason for concern and perhaps an investigation. Legit moving companies should always offer to send in an on-site estimator who will accurately estimate all the things you are looking to move. There is no room for a company to be so inept when the amount of property you have will directly affect their costs. You are sure to see additional charges later on from any company that operate in this manner. They will offer the lowest price at the beginning and end up charging you extra along the moving process.


No written Contract

Contract ensures both parties involved are protected; hence, it is important that you obtain a contract and check through it to ensure the content is exactly what you agree on, before putting your name on the dotted lines. Informal movers will always offer you a no big deal verbal contract. You should be careful to avoid this as much as possible, because moving is a serious issue and even more serious transaction. If a moving service provider refuses to draft a contract, you find another provider.

Ask You to Sign a Blank Contract

Do not, under no circumstances sign a blank contract. This is just like a blank check, therefore, reject it at all situations and withdraw from any deals with any company that tries to make you agree to signing one of these.

Frequently Changing Company Name

Changing of the company’s name is a common tactic used to avoid BBB blacklisting. Make sure you check the history of a company before agreeing to do business with them.

Offers Low Quote

Although no one wants to pay a huge price to move, however, if you are being offered a quote that is way too low than a competitor, it is prudent you question such offer.

Under-insure Your Property

Should in case your property gets damaged in the process of transfer, which happens occasionally, the company should be liable to cover the cost. It is vital you find out the type of insurance cover offered in advance to make sure your properties are properly covered. Note that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the law requires every moving companies to offer basic carrier liability.

No background Check on Employee

Ensure you make inquiries about background checks on the company’s employee as well as drug test for drivers. This is an important detail to know before handing over your belongings. If there are no adequate checks available; you may be risking mishandling, even theft. The first indicator is by looking at the physical appearance of the movers. Movers should be clean and properly dressed, and also put on the uniform that has the name of the company they work for. This is the simplest way to identify professionals.

Holding Your Property Hostage   

This is one of the most frequent scam. After paying for your properties to be moved, you find out there are more additional charges on your bill. The moving company refuses to drop off your belongings until you pay for these charges. As this can be a very tedious and problematic situation, therefore, you must make sure you sign a legal contract. This kind of situation where your properties are not delivered to you is far too common, and may require you to contact the authorities to have it resolved.

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