Moving Mistakes To Avoid

posted on November 15th 2017 in Local DC Moves with 0 Comments

Moving requires more than just putting your stuffs in boxes and renting a moving truck. To run  a successful move may be  as complex as running a company; it involves detailed and careful planning, budgeting and proper strategy. Overlooking these factors can cause a potential stress during your move.

Regardless if your home is the next street from the one you are moving from; or you are relocating across country; packing and moving can be a complex and stressful procedure. Listed below are some of the few moving mistakes you should avoid

Hiring/Engaging A Shady Mover

There are have been stories of horrific moving experiences shared between friends and family, and randomly in the web. It is imperative that you steer away from poor quality and shady moving service providers by doing the necessary adequate research. You can source information provided on the internet, and seek opinions from friends, family and relatives, or work colleagues, on whether to employ a certain moving company or if the quote you got was worth it.

Messing Up The Quotes

Getting moving quote is very crucial when moving. The company should offer to come to your house to provide you an in-home estimate. If the mover is not willing to that, you should find another moving company. Also, it is prudent that you contact multiple moving companies for quotes, so as to get a competitive price, and don’t be scared to negotiate for a fair deal. Finally,  make sure you get the estimate in writing.

Packing Too Many Things

Beware of packing old stuffs that may become more of a burden than actual needs. Before you begin packing, ensure you take time to go through your belongings for things that are relevant. If you have not seen, used or worn anything in the last year, you should think twice about packing and moving it to your new home.

Not Scheduling Move in Advance

As most good moving companies book quickly, especially during the summer period, it is also important you plan your moves, weeks, even months in advance to ensure your moving process is as simple as possible.

Dismissing The Need To Pack Before Time

According to a survey done, it is known that people find the packing and unpacking as the biggest hassle in the entire moving process. Ease the load of moving by packing well before the moving day. You can start with a few boxes of non essentials, for instance, if you are moving in the summer period, you can pack all your winter coats and outfits so that you are free of them.