Major websites to find movers

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Moving is usually quite difficult for most people as you will need to pack, find a new place that fits your budget and taste and hire the right movers that will convey your belongings to your new location.

Fortunately, you can check online to find the right movers for your relocation. See below our list of suitable websites for rentals, new homes and relocation(moving).


Major Moving Websites


This is a one stop shop offering various services as regards moving. You can check this website for moving quotes, locations for storage and other handy tools such as a moving cost calculator.


On this website, you can check for quotes that fit your moving specifications. You can also book for any service online.

Door To Door

This company is based in Seattle. It provides small containers that you can put your belongings into. These containers will then be picked up and moved for you.


On this site, you will find reliable movers in your areas so that you are not scammed.


This site has everything you need to ensure that your moving is successful. This range from boxes, tape, packing peanuts, etc.


This is suitable for those that have to move unusually large items like a car.


I Am Moving

This site gives you the opportunity to let over 1500 organizations know your new location.


People With Pets

This is suitable for people that have to move with their pets or are looking for new homes for their pets.


On this site, you can rent a moving truck and then get a moving company locally to help you load and unload the truck. You can search by date and zip code to get the most appropriate company. You can also compare prices, read customer reviews as well as make bookings online.


With this site, you can search for companies that carry out moving using zip codes and the date you have in mind to move. You can also compare the prices and services of different companies. Information such as license and insurance, customer reviews, etc., are also available to ensure that you get the best company. You can also book any service you require online.


You can search for moving companies close to you as well as get their contact on this site. On this site, you can make payments easily as you can make payments online. All you need to do is give your moving labor a payment code when they are done with the job. Moving Help will handle every other thing.


On this site, you can fill out your information and get free quotes from reputable moving companies. You can of course compare quotes to get the best deal. With 123 movers, you can also move large items like vehicles across the country.


Movers.com offers various services when it comes to moving. You can check this website for movers that go long distance, movers within your locality, truck rentals, etc. You can in fact search for any moving company you have in mind.