The long distance moving checklist

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Long distance moving goes beyond moving across town because if you leave anything behind, you may not be able to come back immediately to your old house to fix it or probably take an item that you didn’t remember to take. Long distance move involves you getting everything done before you move.


What does the Long Distance Moving Checklist contain?

Despite that long distance moving isn’t a journey across town, it doesn’t have to be stressful. However, it requires you to do some planning than when you are moving between towns. Below are a few of the items your long distance moving checklist should contain;

Know the items you want to move

If you have lived in a house for more than a couple of years, it’s sure you may have accumulated some items that you no longer need or use. So moving time is the right time to discard those items. You wouldn’t want to pay for items you don’t need any more, would you? So, begin the process as early as possible.

Put your packing supplies in good order

You’d also want to start early by getting your boxes, shipping tape and packing material together. You wouldn’t want to stop packing because you run out of boxes. Most big box home and office supply stores sell packing material, so get some to avoid any delay.

Ensure you have used up your perishable items

On your long distance moving checklist, ensure you have used up your perishable items before you move to your new house. Perishable items may include frozen food, paints, household cleaners, bug sprays, etc..

Know the size of your furniture

Do not let the size of your furniture (usually large size) delay you while packing to your new house. It’s advisable to measure your doorways in the new house so that your large size furniture will pass through the doorways and also fit the new house. Nothing is more disappointing in a long distance move than driving all the way across the country only to discover that you ain’t able to get your furniture into the new house through the doorway.


Start packing

Packing is one of the items of any long distance moving checklist. It’s never too early to start packing for your move. Less frequently used items such as seasonal clothes and holiday decorations should be packed first so you can reduce the inconvenience. Get each of the boxes labeled as you go along, as this will help you know which room they belong in when you get to your new home.

Change your postal address

Another vital inclusion in your long distance moving checklist is to get your address with the post office and other relevant companies changed as soon as possible. Your bank, broker, insurance company, postal service, and so on need you to update them on your most recent address.

Choose a moving company

Your long distance moving checklist is incomplete if you haven’t added ‘ a call to your moving company’ a few days before the D-day to confirm the details of the move, such as the new location, time to move, cost, and other logistics. You should  also make arrangements to pay your moving company and also to tip the movers. Almost 15% percent of the total cost of moving is regarded as a fair tip.)

Hire a utility service provider

You need light, heat and water in your new home. Also, your long distance moving checklist should include making arrangements for a utility service provider to disconnect lightings and fixtures and transfer them into the new owner’s name.


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