How to have yard sales before you move

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Yard sales are a means you can make extra money even as you try to lightening your load while you prepare for your move. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to take that big old couch with you to your new home, would you? No. What about your old clothes? Don’t throw them away! You’d be surprised that people will buy, especially if they can get them at giveaway prices.

Here’s how to have yard sales before you move

Do it on a weekend or holiday

Weekends, especially Saturdays are the best days for Yard Sales, provided the weather is good. Whatever is left can always be hauled back out on Sunday morning. Other good days for  yard sales are Memorial Day weekends and other summer holidays.

Start your yard sale early

If you really want to do much sales, you can place a classified ad in your local dailies; most of them have a listing of weekend sales. There are yard sale experts who read these very week, and they will be willing to show up early to get the best bargains.


Remember to advertise your yard sale

A couple days before the sale, You can go around the neighborhood just a few days before the sale  to post signs and flyers at strategic locations. By the way, if you must post signs on lamp post, use duct tapes because the masking tape doesn’t stick well.

Write up a simple advert to inform people about the event

Local newspapers usually have cheap and sometimes free ads for local events such as yard sales. Use the limited space allotted to you to inform people of the location and time for the yard sale. Online listing sites are popular too. For online ads, more space is allotted, so entice anyone looking for a yard sale by making a list of any popular garage item you have for sale.


Make refreshments available for shoppers

Shopping in the sun can cause dehydration thereby causing grumpy shoppers and making children scream. Buy cases of drinks and bottled water alongside some pre-packaged snacks and sell them at a reasonable price.. Refresh them and this might make them buy more

Remember, yard sales are meant for bargain hunters, so don’t expect to sell items the price you bought them, especially clothing. Yard sale shoppers generally pay between the range of $1 and $10 for clothes, irrespective of how much you bought them.

And if you have several costly items to sell, take them to a consignment store where you’d get more dollars for each item. Consignment stores are available in your local Yellow Pages.

The same goes for books. The price range of paperback books is between $0.25 and $1; while hardcover books go for $2 to $5.

And after the yard sale, do not forget to remove flyers. Don’t litter the neighborhood.

In conclusion, have fun! Play some music and enjoy the sun with shoppers, friends and family