The Guide to Moving Your Gym Equipment

Like every fitness enthusiast, moving to a new location requires you to figure out how to move your heavy gym equipment. Be it a simple yoga mat or a heavy treadmill, getting your stuff to your new location is not going to be an easy task. There is a proper way of moving your workout equipment; below is  a list of ways to effectively and safely move your gym gears.

Clean All Equipment    

Firstly, it is very important that you sanitize and clean properly every equipment in your gym before moving them. This prevents you from transporting bacteria and germs into your new location. This also helps retain the condition of the equipment after the move.

Yoga Mats

You need to start with the smaller things first when packing up your home gym. Start by packing the yoga mats and other accessories which include Yoga blocks, gym towels, blankets and many more. The moment you are in possession of all your yoga equipment, make sure you get enough big boxes to hold all your belongings.

To save space, roll your mat from top to bottom, and then secure it with a strap or a carrying bag before finally putting them in the box. This also keeps the yoga mat clean while being transported to your new home.

Heavy Equipment

When trying to move a hand weight, dumbbells or barbells, it is important that you use moving boxes that are strong enough to withstand the weights. It is more effective to use a lot of smaller boxes rather than trying to fix all your equipments in one large box. This allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the equipments and prevents the bottom of your boxes from coming off. If the cardboard boxes you have available are not strong enough to hold the weights, you can buy plastic bins to accommodate the loads. Once you have the right boxes, wrap your weights in a bubble wrap or newspaper to keep them safe and secure during the transportation process. This stops the weights from hitting each other and thus damaging the box. Stuffing the boxes with some blankets and towels can also prevent the weights from shifting.


Moving large gym equipment is a workout in its own, right? Fortunately, there are few means of transporting a treadmill that is less stressful. Firstly, you need to ensure that you wipe down the machine and unplug it from the outlet. All electric cable must be disconnected from the wall. Seek the help of a few people that could assist with the heavy lifting. Fold the treadmill and lock it into place in an upright manner. After folding, wrap the treadmill in a moving blanket to protect it from damaging during the transportation process.



The elliptical, unlike the easy-to-fold treadmill, has a bulky shape that makes it difficult for it to move. The first step will be to disassemble the elliptical hardware to allow for easy maneuvering through the hallway and doors. Separate the pedals and handlebars from the main base of the workout machine with a wrench and a screwdriver. Keep all removed nuts and bolts inside a  labeled bag in a secured place. After the disassembling, the machine should be light enough to be  lifted by one person; or at least with the help of one other person. Remember to cover the equipment in a moving blanket to protect it during transportation.

Stationary Bike

With the increase in popularity of cycling studios, a lot of people are deciding on ownig one in their homes. Stationary bikes are one of the most popular in-house piece of gym equipment. Moving them however is fortunately not that complex. The bike can be protected with a moving blanket. For electric bikes, safeguard all its electrical cables in a secure place. Also protect the floor surface when moving the bicycle to avoid scratches to your property. A piece of cardboard, towels or a furniture slider can be employed for this. You will require help lifting the bike into the truck; this begs the need for hiring a professional moving company to help you move your home gym. You can browse through the internet for a reliable and experienced moving company in your area.