Choosing The Best Storage Unit

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You just sold out your house, but you won’t be moving your things into your new place yet. The need for a storage unit to keep your belongings just became very obvious. However, how do you go about getting a storage facility that will be suitable for you without you breaking the bank? You will get more clarity with the tips provided below for choosing the best storage facility.

Know What You Are Storing       

Storage units are available in a certain size range; and with so many options you can find the exact type of storage unit that is adequate for you, but not until you are certain on your requirements. Make a list of the things you will be storing in your unit, for example:

  • Boxes
  • Paperwork
  • Heirlooms or antiques
  • Furniture
  • Automobiles
  • Appliances

Once you are decided on what you are storing, it will be easier for you to select a storage unit. For important documents storage, you may require a climate controlled unit, while an automobile may require a facility with excellent security.

Do You Require A Climate Controlled Unit

Climate controlled storage space are used to keep the temperature at certain parameters and also to control humidity. Depending on where you are keeping your things, this may not be so crucial. In dry climates, your old furniture could crack and during humid conditions, could mold. Climate control can prevent this from happening. It is important to know, climate control will cost you extra, so this kind of storage facility should only be selected when required.


A large storage unit typically costs more than a smaller one. It is therefore imperative that you get an idea of how much space you will be needing, in order not to pay for the extra unused space. You may be looking to store some more things in the long run, which will make having the extra space worthwhile. Another size consideration is the design of the particular unit. Some units are narrow but have a lot of vertical space, while others have lower ceilings but are wider. For some items, this may not be significant, however some items may favor one layout over another.


The rules of real estate are also applicable to storage facilities like any other business. Facility located in the center of the city will likely cost more than one situated outside of town, where space is a less of a luxury. It is possible to cut costs by choosing a facility that is located just outside town as long as you won’t be needing regular access to your belongings. Another important tip for selecting a storage unit is also factoring how many times you will be visiting the facility.

Cost Variation

The price of a storage unit may vary, even with the same location and features. Majority if storage facilities are owned privately, which means the owners can set their prices without regulation. This makes it a good idea to shop around the moment you have an idea of what you want as you may get a good deal just by making dew phone calls. Ensure you have the exact features you looking for, such as climate control, security, easy access and so on.

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