Best Practices To Wrapping Your Furniture

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One of the few benefits of hiring a professional mover is the knowledge and skill they possess with properly wrapping your furniture with blanket and protective wraps. Wrapping furniture is an important process that protects your valuable items from potential damage. Wrapping your furniture ensures your items are moved safely without them being damaged. An extra benefit of wrapping furniture is that it protects the walls, hardwood floors, which gives you a resting mind.


When moving large pieces of furniture from one house into another, you want to make sure they are transferred to their new location in one piece, and also that you are kept safe in the process. Listed below are few ideal practices for moving heavy furniture:

  • Proper support: larger piece of furniture should not be moved by one person. You should consider asking for help, so as to ensure that all sides of the furniture is supported.
  • Proper equipment: things like shoulder straps, dollies, and ramps will make moving large items easier and safer.
  • Disassembly: if possible, take off larger pieces of furniture and make them into smaller bits that are lighter and safe to carry.
  • Plan ahead: regardless if you are moving your furniture into a new home or a storage unit, it is important you plan ahead on where you want to keep your items.

Moving heavy furniture will be more simpler and safer if you adhere to some or all of these best practices.

Prepare And Wrap Furniture Properly

It may appear that your furniture is heavy, and as such won’t budge during transportation, but it probably will, and careful preparing and wrapping your furniture before item can protect it from damage. There are some materials that are suitable for protecting large size furniture’s during transportation, you may also consider using moving pads, corrugated cartons and packing paper.


Professional Movers

There are a lot of expenses involved with moving from one location to another and thus may cause us to want to look for ways to save money during the process of relocating. To help reduce the expenses, some people choose to move their belonging themselves. However, this can pose some serious injury threats and may also cause you damage your property. Professional movers are well trained and equipped to move heavy items and thus may be a very good idea to get an estimate from movers to help you.

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